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complex trauma informed adventure therapy practice
Five day immersion

'Complex Trauma Informed Adventure Therapy Practice' is a five day training designed for workers who engage with complex young people and want to explore using an ecological approach including groups, nature and adventure. 

The course is designed for new entrants into the adventure therapy field. Get to know the theory, the practice detail and have fun testing out a range of adventure experiences.


This is a residential program. We can supply camping gear but you may prefer to bring your own. Be prepared to carry your gear for at least two days! Because this training involves lots of outdoor activity it may not be suited to people with mobility difficulties, however we will do what we can to make the training accessible.

By the end of this week you will be equipped with a thorough understanding of Complex Trauma theory, a working knowledge of Dissociative Responses to adversity, some Practical Skills, and a grounding in Humanising Mental Health Care. You will be comfortable with concepts like the Sense of Self, Ecological Dynamics and Rights Based Care. The adventure skills will be at participant level, as adventure leading requires VET qualifications.

Undergraduates and new graduates have interned with YFO and left the experience feeling confident that developmental psychology, social work and occupational therapy, child, youth and family interventions, and community based and group practices are not difficult, are engaging and productive. Education and outdoor leaders have that found a gentle and non-prescriptive approach works brilliantly in classrooms and on camps.

The immersion will conclude with a Continuous Professional Development plan being constructed that suits your aspirations in adventure therapy. You will be off to a flying start!


  • Five days 

  • 9am Monday to 3pm Friday (food provided)

  • You will cover the entire Two-Day training content

  • You will try at least a half day mountain bike ride, abseiling, bushwalking, canoeing, community adventure, near-by nature exploration

  • You will be moving camp a few times, so will get to see the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland. It will almost be a holiday!

  • You will explore the therapeutic benefit of things like kite-flying, cooking, 

For your entry to Complex Trauma Informed Adventure Therapy register here!

In-House Complex Trauma Informed Practice Training
In-House Complex Trauma Informed Practice Training
Locations outside SEQ add travel costs
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