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Interactive Trauma Informed Adventure Therapy Workshop Series
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'Interactive Trauma Informed Adventure Therapy Workshop Series' is a ten hour workshop series spread over 10 months. It is designed for practitioners to develop their own unique trauma informed practice; polishing and refining their processes and approaches over the course of a year. 


Each workshop is 40 minutes of discussion and 20 minutes of new information out of our research project. Attendance will account for 10 hours of continuing professional development. Another five hours can be gathered through written reflections on practice improvement.

Complex trauma is not a diagnosis; it is an understanding of the causes of harm and an approach to solving problems with young people and their families.

Be prepared for some new ideas and some simple but effective approaches. The workshops are less about technique and more about the use of self as a therapeutic tool. 

Knowing what drives behaviour will enable you to plan how a young person can instead find themselves doing surprisingly well! When we are at our best the young person simply doesn't need the complex behaviours and reactions to situations. 



  • 10 hours, one per month

  • If you do a reflection before each workshop another 5 hours CPD will be earned (total 15 hours)

  • What is complex trauma and what has adventure got to do with it?

  • Dissociation; what, how and what do I do?

  • Phases; planning and reflective practice

  • Domains; analysing and enriching the experience

  • Benefits; what are we aiming to achieve?

  • Ecological Dynamics; staying in the dance

  • Schema change and processing

  • Building your human rights based practice

  • Does this go with that? Matching experiences to difficulties

  • Feedback informed practice, measurement and reporting

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