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At YFO, we strive to continuously provide impactful services and improve mental health across Australia. Our on going approach and commitment further supports the National Mental Health Commission's Vision 2030.


Read about our commitment to NMHC 

Our programs are evidence informed, follow a specific model of trauma focused adventure practice and guarantee improvements in ....




They will experience an accepting group in which they are not an outsider.

They will feel 'normal' in relationship.

Conflict will be resolved happily - it is a major focus.

They will make friends

They will be accompanied by sound and specifically trained adults (ratio 1:3).



They will be safe; in the group, the activities, the environment

Psycho-education; they will understand how stress works

Activities gradually increase levels of stress – while maintaining dignity

Resilience will increase



They will disprove unhelpful beliefs of self and the world

Strengths will be identified and rewarded

Empowerment will replace helplessness and hopelessness

They will experience a deep sense of contentment



They will learn about their psychology

They will learn lots of adventure skills, they will repeat until expert

The improved skills aim to improve self-esteem

Mindfulness moments will arise when balancing in a canoe, climbing a wall, etc

As a bonus they are likely to experience and give respect and build esteem.

These are not possible to create. The other 4 can be planned and achieved.

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