YFO’s Therapeutic Respite Holidays for Mercy Community’s young people resulted in a single cross-agency staff team to run camps. This assisted the organisation’s staff with their core work and led to individual interventions for specific young people.
YFO runs its Therapeutic Respite Holidays for South Burnett CTC’s young people. This enabled the cross-agency team to identify opportunities and worries.
YFO’s Tailored Adventure Therapy projects have involved staff from both organisations working as one team to create, conduct and respond to progress. Several projects have been running from an after school group, holiday program and family interventions.
YFO provides the Second Step program to UCC in their role as the Facilitating Partner for the Department Social Services Communities for Children program on the northern Gold Coast. The Programs identify and address issues of concern or assist classroom teachers with their relationship with students/ class groups and others target groups of concern in the school.
Griffith Universities’ Service Learning team have provided student interns into YFO's programs for several years. The students spend 50 hours each learning from and involved with our staff. The experience gives undergraduates an opportunity to see how their academic skills can be put into use after they graduate.
Many are destined for post graduate studies in psychotherapy and their internships helps them see a
non-talk approach to therapy.
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