Year round service delivered in local areas to create regular
therapeutic engagement


Additional details are listed below and highlighted in orange*

This program is our Intensive Work program. It is held in very small Groups of no more than 3, or in a One on One scenario. 


Our youth workers do fun stuff; they will find the best in each Individual Participant.

Their talents and strengths will be activated, and our team will coach them to succeed. 


Choice is a large key to attitude change.  They choose what they want to do and how big an activity it will be. 


Getting away from the daily routine helps us to see what's going on more clearly.


- Three Hours of Adventure 

- Adventure activities like bush walking, canoeing, abseiling    

- Water

- Photos

Year round service delivered in local areas to create regular therapeutic engagement.

  • Between 1 and 3 young people per 'group'

  • Qualified and experienced outdoor education staff cross trained in trauma focused work, most with a relevant undergraduate degree

  • 3 hrs per weekly session x 6 weeks minimum

  • Door to door service - we drive to amazing outdoor spaces!

  • Wide range of activities for young people to choose from - geocache, canoe, bike ride, abseil...kite flying, games, etc

  • School suspension is no barrier - we collect young people wherever they are and drop them ... wherever they need to go

  • Modifiable - on the spot if needed

  • We are registered to deliver only innovative community participation. If NDIA managed that item must be in plans. For self and plan managed participants invoices are provided*

  • ‘Bottom-up’ therapeutic focus - we connect young people with their executive functioning

  • Active, safe, graduated improvements, psychoeducation

  • Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Brisbane, Logan. Want this elsewhere? Call us!

  • Inquire to intake@yfo.org.au or call 1300 803 710

  • $380 plus GST per session (includes up to 3 young people) includes activities, therapeutic work, equipment, written report

  • We are registered for CB Community, Social and Civic participation (Group and Support Item name) Innovative Community Participation under (Support Category) 0116 – Increased Social and Community Participation*

  • Written report is available if desired either at the end of the block of work or by brief weekly emails*