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Year round service delivered in local areas to create regular innovative community participation

  • Between 1 and 3 young people per 'group'

  • Qualified and experienced outdoor education staff cross trained in trauma focused work, most with a relevant undergraduate degree

  • 3 hrs per weekly session for a minimum of six weeks

  • Door to door service - we drive to amazing outdoor spaces!

  • Wide range of activities for young people to choose from - geocache, canoe, bike ride, abseil...kite flying, games, etc

  • Modifiable - on the spot if needed

  • We are registered to deliver only innovative community participation. If NDIA managed that item must be in plans. For self and plan managed participants invoices are provided.

  • Requires physical mobility - we are not able to assist with chairs, hoists or any other mobility device

  • ‘Bottom-up’ therapeutic focus - we connect young people with their bodies and executive functioning

  • Active, safe, graduated improvements, psychoeducation - brilliant for those on the spectrum

  • Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Brisbane, Logan. Want this elsewhere? Call us!

  • Inquire to or call 1300 803 710 and we will return your call.

  • $380 per session (includes up to 3 young people) include transport, activities, therapeutic work, equipment

  • We are registered for CB Community, Social and Civic participation (Group and Support Item name) Innovative Community Participation under (Support Category) 0116 – Increased Social and Community Participation.

  • Written report is available if desired either at the end of the block of work or by brief weekly emails

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