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For Schools

Trauma-Informed Services To Schools

Schools needing a trauma-informed intervention can rely on Youth Flourish Outdoors to to deliver outcomes!

Our Trauma-Informed Services to schools are available in Ipswich, Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Deception Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, and Scenic Rim.  

Our Practice Framework is Evidenced and Flexible

Our staff are 4 year trained adventure-based youth workers.
Their expertise is honed by routine weekly cpd. 
Being strengths and system-focused, YFO staff get students engaged outside and co-regulate so they can then engage inside the classroom.

YFO is Family-Focused

We aim for change in the family and in the systems that surround students. Visiting students homes is a standard practice.

Data Driven

Routine data collection including student feedback, and covers a range of qualitative and quantative data to build a rich profile of each student. Our reports and advice are data driven and designed to inform the wider system that surrounds the student.

YFO Works within schools

Schools may consider: an in-school worker, 1:1 contacts, group work, in school groups, home visits and staff training Our aim is to improve school outcomes, not to sell a specific program.


Integrate body, brain and mind - Scaffold from strengths through problems.

‘Bottom-up’ therapeutic focus - connects students with their executive functioning.

Outdoor activity regulates the body (HPA), connects relationships (limbic) and helps a student return to classroom ready to learn (cortex).

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