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Hiking in Sunset


After three or more ABYW/NDIS Adventure sessions a young person may be eligible for Complex Case Management.

Woods with Fog

Complex Case Management involves our Worker acting on behalf of a case manager to assist the young person through a complex solution finding process. This service is unique, tailored and time limited.

Possible activities:

  • Represent or accompany the young person at meetings (school, youth justice, police, community groups, case management meetings)

  • Explore possible solutions for and with the young person

  • Act in loco parentis at meetings, interviewing other supports, accompanying to appointments, acting as support person to the young person.

  • Advocate for the young person and organise specific solutions with stake holders (school welfare teams, YJ / Police teams, parents / carers)

  • Make recommendations to the Case Managers, carers, parents

  • Coordinate supports and support organisations to achieve the plan

  • Explain plans / decisions to the young person and support them to understand and adhere


Complex Case Management is charged by the hour, as directed. Mileage and expenses as arranged.  

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