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This page provides information often required by Child Safety and Youth Justice Officers,  Teachers and Case Managers.

All of our programs require the same documentation so that we can provide trauma focused care and therapeutic processes.


Please note that the Australian Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Complex Trauma (Kezelman & Stavropolous, 2012) emphasise choice as central to treatment and, as such, Flourish does not accept mandated (non-voluntary) attendance. All young people must want to attend our programs.

If you are preparing a funding submission we have some suggestions here: 

Step 1

1. Show the young person our facebook photos. This helps them see before needing to listen.


2. Submit the Referral by CSO or Agency to:  


3. NDIS referrals need to include extra info, send both (or the plan) to:

4. You may need to receive a high risk activity permission letter. Your questions regarding risk should be answered in the documents at the bottom.  

Step 2

5. Once accepted onto a program please have the family/foster family/residence complete the Application family part.

6. Have/help the young person complete the Application Young Persons part.

After the Program

7. Expect a through report at the conclusion. Also expect photos which may help the young person describe (and integrate) their experience.

8. If we observe previously undeclared concerns you may receive a further Observation report for use when referring the young person for further assessment.

Further Information

Our website has information on:

Our model

Our outcomes

Our training for adults