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Therapeutic Respite

School Holidays


Participants get away from life's daily hassles to help gain perspective and clear their head. They will see more clearly from a distance.


Here, our guides will be by their side. Spend the holidays with us and make a new group of friends. 


We structure two team activities each day. There will be challenges for each participant, that will push them through physical and mental obstacles. 


Our team will coach them during the five days to learn how to approach problems and challenging situations with a fun and relaxed attitude. They will learn how to encourage and support their team members. 


5 days of Adventure

- Adventure activities: 

       Abseiling Equipment, Bikes and Helmets, Backpacks, Canoes, and more

- Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

- Cooking Stoves and Utensils

- Water 

- Transport

- Photos 

- Poster of Achievements

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