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Kayaking at Sunrise


Each term groups of teens meet after school to hang out and adventure together. Each term has a different theme. The groups are designed to increase social skills.

ten-week PROGRAM

One Session, each week - Ten weeks

2-3 hours per week during school term 


At one of a our adventure based locations for an afternoon of skills development. 


The team will remain the same over a ten week period. Here they will get to know each others strengths and abilities as they work towards their goals.  


They will learn how to work successfully as a team, how to lead, how to make good friends, and most importantly how to support and guide others. 

  • 10 x weekly after school adventures, 3:30pm to 6pm

  • Between 8 and 12 young people aged 11-15 years

  • 1:3 max ratio adults : young people

  • Support workers/family can be accommodated also, on a case by case basis

  • 4 weeks of NDIS adventures required before joining a group so that we can:

    • assess the young persons capacity and plan for their concerns​ (social anxiety in particular)

    • ensure that the group is safe for everyone

    • ensure that they are a good fit for the program so they complete the experience

  • The entire group starts and finishes together​, not a rolling intake

  • Activities will start at the group base and will extend out into bushland and rivers as confidence develops

  • After the introductory group young people can joined themed groups (Canoeing, Bushwalk/Survival, Mountain Bike) which include an overnight camp on the first weekend after term.

  • Eligible for NDIS CB Community, Social and Civic participation - Innovative Community Participation 

  • Introductory Group (10 weeks) - $1687 , Themed Groups (also incl camp cost) - $2371


  • Abseiling Equipment, Bikes and Helmets, Backpacks, Canoes, and more

  • Photos

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