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Complex Trauma Informed Practice with Young People is a two-day training designed for Workers and Program Leaders wishing to enhance their practice with a highly engaging, targeted and effective therapeutic process.


Our Practice Framework

Our Complex Trauma Informed Practice framework provides a simple, achievable and targeted method to make sense of complex issues.

If you are working in Community Services, Education, or Mental Health and are interested in improving your skills in Adventure Therapy, please join us at one of our Training Sessions. 

The framework comes from a Complex Trauma Informed Practice Theory building doctoral program completed in Feb 2023. We have invested seven years in developing good and humane practice. We want to share this with you!


We also offer consultation services


Mental health interventions for young people need to be engaging, rich, deep and rapid. Adventure therapy is all of those things when delivered with sound frameworks and models. YFO provides complex trauma informed service reviews that will bring your service into a sharpened focus on humane change. 

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