Complex Trauma Focused Adventure Therapy course DETAIL

'Trauma Focused Adventure Therapy' is a two-day training designed for Therapists, Youth Workers, Behaviour Support Teachers, Youth Support Coordinators, Chaplains, and others who support difficult to engage young people. Outdoor Educators will find the training useful in catering for 'difficult' students and will help improve outcomes. 
Adventure as therapy is highly engaging, targeted and an effective therapeutic process.  Adventures can be short, local and may not require adventure qualifications. Getting young people away from the normal environment can help them re-structure their world views of themselves, peers, systems and their potential. They can then return to the normal environment and be assisted to maintain these changes. 
Our model received excellent feedback at the recent 8th International Adventure Therapy conference (2018) and at other conferences. The model is emerging, being the focus of research at Griffith University, yet already provides a simple, achievable and targeted method through which an array of program options can be designed. 

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Basic course content


Day 1 - Complex trauma theory.

New approaches to mental health

Neuro basis of harm and healing

Adverse childhood experiences

Phased treatment process (Safety, Processing, Integration a and b)

Targetted therapy outcomes


Adventure therapy theory

Domains of adventure experience (nature, adventure, social, individual, time)

4x5=4 model of complex trauma focused adventure therapy


Day 2 - workshops to apply the theory to a variety of potential adventure activities. Works through each phase of treatment and how the activities can help or hinder treatment at each phase. Tips for customers to guide outdoor operators toward appropriate delivery.





Day 2 concludes with a period of refection where participants plan and discuss their implementation of teh model.



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