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Individuals and families need respite for different reasons and at times important to them. For this reason we offer respite to each family differently. There are no group programs to join. Everything is specific to the young person(s) referred. We can accept individuals and up to three siblings (including foster).

NDIS Eligible
We are registered for CB Community, Social and Civic participation (Group and Support Item name) Innovative Community Participation under (Support Category) 0116 – Increased Social and Community Participation.

We do respite differently – camping. It’s an adventure and more than typical respite. We can also provide day activities and a door to door service. Our staff will design adventure options so each day is ‘pick and choose’ to match the needs of the young people on that day (and the weather of course).


- 2-5 days of adventure 

- Adventure activities: 

  Abseiling equipment, bikes and helmets, backpacks, canoes, and more

- Breakfast, lunch, and snacks

- Cooking stoves and utensils

- Water 

- Photos 

- Poster of achievements

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